Ok babes
let's get you hitched

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"Everyone says it goes so fast, and it really does. So after spending a fortune on the rest of the day, why would you not then invest in the one cost that really allows you to put aside all the plans in your head, forget your Trello board, and handover the reins to just have the BEST. DAY. EVER?!" - Jess + James, London Pub Wedding

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It should go without saying, but just in case you're wondering, JTB is a fully inclusive celebration coordination service, and will continue to work both with and for couples from all walks of life, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or physical ability. I'm committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity within the wedding industry and will always strive to deliver a service which is fair, honest, respectful, professional and above all, kind, because let's be real kids: If it's love - It's love!

If you have any concerns, questions or just want to say hey, then please do get in touch here.