Wedding shows have long been seen as one of the best ways to get out there, showcase your brand and generate exciting leads for the upcoming season - so how and why is the industry changing, and what can YOU do to cash-in on them?

Since the upsurge in social media advertising and small-businesses using online means to foster connections with potential clients, wedding fairs are having to up their game in a major way; gone are the days of a fair consisting of trestle tables, photo albums and a quick whip-round for couples, instead they are transforming into immersive and visually compelling events; with brands investing more and more time into creating installations which are beautiful, innovative and engaging. Couples are now becoming more selective on the fairs they visit, seeking out suppliers that fit their individual style, as well as expecting something experiential and inspiring, so the need for thoughtful and immersive stall design is greater than it's ever been...


Sound daunting? It doesn't have to be! I've created Standout to help you visualise, create and deliver a stand which is uniquely reflective of you and your wedding brand, in a way which will set you apart from the pack and kick-start those conversations with potential clients.

As a stylist, I'm not just focused on creating something 'pretty' or which follows conventional 'trends', instead I find joy in communicating a narrative through the shoots and weddings I curate; we live in a visual world and I aim for the concepts I create for both myself and my clients to be multi-layered, playful and intriguing. With a stall, there's really no difference; finding a beautifully original way to catch the eye of those style-savvy couples, as well as concisely and effectively showcasing the services you offer will ensure you make connections and reach your ideal couples in no time. I've already begun working with suppliers behind the scenes in helping them to create show-stopping stalls, and so it felt that the time was right to launch it as an exciting new way to boost brand identity and capitalise on the exposure so many fairs still have to offer.

Standout is a brand new service for 2020 and includes: 

  • Discovery consultation: An opportunity for us to delve into your brand and the products you offer, along with the fair you'll be exhibiting at; beginning to explore possible concepts and how they might speak to your ideal client, as well as addressing logistics such as the restrictions on your space and the budget available.

  • Visual briefs + walk and talk: During our second consultation I'll introduce 2/3 concepts and draft designs based on your needs and aspirations; we'll discuss how each will fit with the style of your brand, the ways in which your potential clients will be encouraged to engage with it, how to incorporate any offers or specific areas you want to showcase and focus on selecting something you feel confident in delivering. 

  • Final concept: Once chosen, I'll send you a final concept, with guide prices and sourcing suggestions as well as tips for the more logistical part of getting it pulled together, transported and set up, leaving you feeling confident that your creation is going to draw the crowds and get you the leads you deserve.​

So what's it going to cost you? Standout comes at a flat rate of £300, so you can stay in control of your show investment. To find out more, get the ball rolling and start your style adventure, say hello at

 “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” Orson Welles

Image: Chloe Mary Photography