Insta I'm Into : My top 5 accounts to follow!

With holiday season upon us, it'll soon be time to kick back and do a little inspo-hunting for next year (amidst the mince pies and sherry and general frivolity of course), so as a little gift from me to you, I've rounded up my favourite recent discoveries on instagram in the hope that they'll sprinkle some floaty, cakey, colourful, whimsical magic on your festive break; enjoy!


Enchanting, out-of-this-world and total "don't you DARE look at anything else!" colours; combined with sculpted and gravity-defying designs make flwrpstl one of my current faves in the florals game. Bright blue flowers? Ok! Rainbow pampass grass? You got it. Check this girl out to help you redefine how wedding flowers should be...

Alana Jones-mann

I never get tired of seeing these incredible, colourful textured cakes popping up on my feed - transported straight out a 70's festival of love, her 'shag cakes' are more art than food (although, I could definitely tuck into one of those bad boys ANY day).


Villanelle Vibes aplenty here - think huge, multi-dimensional yet seemingly weightless tulle dresses and you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. These romantic and totally OTT creations are definitely for the ultimate rule-breaking bride, probably why I just love them so...

Bangin Hangins

I LOVE a good ceiling decoration, I also LOVE tinsel and tissue paper AND I am here for any company that works with a zero-waste ethic (especially decor companies creating epic installations) - so just have a look and you'll see why I spend quite a lot of my time pouring over the banger after banger these guys keep knocking out! It's completely acceptable to just have one made fo my bedroom, right?


Closer to home and full to the brim with delicious new British talent on the wedding scene, not to mention inspo for the coolest cats in town and bucket-loads of style, follow these guys and hit up one of their shows ASAP.

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Love, Kate x