Bae of the Day: Ink and Paper London

In the first of what I hope will be many a chin-wag with some of the best suppliers in the biz (and the loveliest - guaranteed) this month I've been talking to the fabulous Grania of Ink & Paper London, who I first encountered when we started sending each other motivational DMs to keep us on-track with our running (even with a twisted ankle she put me to shame but it was the start of something beautiful!) She makes gorgeous, bespoke stationery and is an absolute gem to boot, so read on to get a little more up close and personal with the lady behind the letterpress....

Image: Sidey Clark Photography

Who the devil are you?

Hello! I’m Grania and I’m the founder of Ink & Paper!

What’s your biz all about?

I create beautiful pared back letterpress and hot foil stationery for weddings and special events.

What is letterpress, I hear you ask? It is a wonderful 550+ year old printing technique where text and images are pressed into the page. As of 2019, it is listed on the Heritage Crafts Association as an endangered craft, with less than 200 craftspeople still producing letterpressed stationery in the UK, which I think makes it extra-special.

Image: Chris Barber Photography

Tell us about your last event!

I had the great pleasure of creating on-the-day stationery for a fabulous Argentinian/Hong Kong couple who had The. Coolest. Wedding. Ever. (Their first dance was an Argentine Tango. Serious goals.).

They wanted an order of service, place names and a table plan created that clearly reflected their personalities and both their cultures, so I worked closely with both of them, their planner and florist to realise this.

Modern graphic letterpress stationery london wedding
Image: Ink & Paper

How do you get in the zone when you work?

I am never having a camera fitted in my studio – it would be too embarrassing – but I love to dance to 80’s rock to get me pumped and in the zone. My biggest earworm at the moment is Japan’s Life in Tokyo.

You’ve seen quite a few – so what makes a wedding EPIC?

Oh, this is a killer question! I so love the “wow” moment of walking into a beautifully styled venue and seeing a couple’s vision realised, but the thing that really brings the whole thing to life for me are the guests and seeing love ooze out of every pore.

Love stationery wedding invitations colourful
Image: Ink & Paper

Finish these sentences:

A dream day off would be… Wandering around a new city, soaking up the architecture and trying as many bars and restaurants as I can.

During a snack attack I always reach for… Pickled onion Monster Munch. What can I say? I’m a child of the 80’s.

At the bar, buy me a… Margarita. Or if it’s late, an espresso martini.

I last binge-watched… The Dark Crystal (more 80’s nostalgia. What of it?)

If I wasn’t a stationer, I’d be… A chef. I bloody love cooking for people.

I’m a total babe (of course), but you don’t want to see me when… I wake up in the morning. I need at least three coffees to turn me from grouch to bae.

The couple that NEEDS me for their big-day are… Looking for elegant, stylish and personal stationery that showcases the couple’s particular style and sets the tone for the day. I’m all about the individual, and love working closely with my couples to realise their papery dreams.

chic london stationery blue and pink place cards
Image: Marianne Chua

A massive thanks to Grania for taking the time to chat with JTB, if you want to find out more then hop on over to the Ink and Paper website here - now where are those margaritas?!

Love, Kate x