It's me...

I'm Kate, a born and bred Brightonian, who's partial to discussing the art form which is a quality Bloody Mary and binge-watching absolutely terrible trash TV (sorry, not sorry)


JTB was born out of a love of throwing banging parties, and a pretty deep-rooted aversion to chiffon bows, satin chair covers and *gulp* 'function rooms' (pubs not included - who doesn't love a pub?!) and whilst planning a wedding can sometimes feel like an enormous, buttercream smothered mountain to climb, it doesn't need to be; so I set up Jump the Broom to provide couples with expert wing-woman support and bucket-loads of design and styling inspo, all rolled into a selection of flexible, original packages.

Before I found my true calling as a Planner, I trained in Drama; quickly discovering that whilst I probably wasn't in line for an Oscar, I had a real knack for directing and seeing a vision brought to life - it not only gave me bags of confidence and a super-effective stage whisper (a handy tool for weddings), but also a nose for bold, unique and design-led events. Plus, I learnt how to manage actors, and if you can manage an actor, you can manage pretty much anyone. To top it all off, I hold a First Class Distinction in Wedding and Event Design and Management (bet you can't say that after a tequila) and have been busying away on some pretty epic celebrations since setting up in 2016.

I currently live an hour out of London with Mr JTB, our small-but-mighty toddler and a matchy-matchy dog and cat duo, Lola and Lolly. I love baths so-hot-you-could-boil-a-lobster, drinking half cups of tea, which coincidentally drives the husband wild, and pinning the sh*t out of everything. 

For me, a celebration should be centred around everything that makes a couple who they are, it should be epic, authentic and topped off with some serious creative deliciousness. So drop me a line, I love a chat, and let's see how we can make your day exactly that: Yours.

Love, Kate x

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