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We've got a venue manager, do we still need a coordinator?

Short answer? Probably! Often venues will provide a manager or a coordinator but they'll just be in charge of the main components of your booking (catering, access, putting tables and chairs out etc). If you drill down into the finer details you'll likely find you still want an extra pair of hands for decor and setup, guest support, timeline management and everything in between! 

Do you cover the whole of the UK?

I do indeed. Weddings taking place more than 50 miles from my home address in sunny worthing will incur a small travel fee and/or on-site accommodation but this is something we can figure out during consultation! 

What is a 'handover pack'?

Without giving too much of my wedding-day wizardry away, my handover pack includes everything I need from you in order to make sure your day runs perfectly - things such as supplier and wedding party details, seating plans and timelines. There's guidance from me included too so you have something to kick-start you and lots of my couples find their pack super useful in getting their plans organised well in advance... 

Is 12 hours enough on the day?

Whilst every wedding is totally unique, they do often run to a relatively similar timescale (unless you've got something major up your sleeves - which I'm always here for). From experience, 12 hours is plenty of time to get your venue prepped, your wedding underway and everything managed right on through to around the first dance or band starting. Additional hours can of course be added or if you have a venue that needs you out in the wee-hours you can check out my late night legend package.

What's your booking process?

First we'll catch up in an informal 30 minute zoom call, this is a chance for you to talk me through your day, for me to answer any initial questions about my services and basically for us to check we're vibin'! All being well, you'll then need to sign a contract and pay a 50% deposit (25% for my Super Sidekick service) to get the show on the road - at this point we'll get your handover pack sorted and any additional planning sessions booked in.

We're interested! What now?

Amazing! You can drop me a message through my contact form to see if I'm available for your date.

If I am, we can get your initial consultation in the diary!